Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Alive is Awesome

Alive is Awesome!!
Going through my morning tweets on my newly bought Sony Smartphone, i come across a tweet “The usage of word Awesome makes you feel young and energetic”. 
Now yeah, this might be of great use to my oldie junkies who are trying to feel young by every possible means (even trying out Baba Ramdev’s weird moves). 
But to me it’s just another word joining the likes of “awww” and “nice” which is constantly used on FB pictures. 
Getting to the point here, pre and post the tweet, i have been watching this TV commercial “Alive is Awesome” by Cinthol and i can’t help myself but to pay attention to this refreshing,  adventurous and larger than life portray of how a soap brand can really kick your adrenaline. 
Believe it or not, i actually bought this Cinthol soap, the first time i really got swayed away by the adv.
The advertisement did not convince me to use that soap, i mean who wants to dive from 1000ft high hill holding a soap (would rather hold a rope to save myself) but the tweet that i saw that fine morning (wasn’t fine though, Cinthol is EXPENSIVE). 
That tweet along with the advertisement persuaded me to feel young and i seriously hope these Godrej guys make this Awesome Soap when i grow old. 
Did anything like that happen to you? Share :)

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