Monday, 27 May 2013

Dance & Design: Let's find similarities

Dance & Design – what’s similar?

design dance Dance & Design – whats similar?
Dance & Design – what’s similar?
Dance & Design – what’s similar?
Being a mechanical engineer and a dancer/choreographer it was very difficult to gulp down the basics of Design. Design to me is as alien as acting for a geek; No relation absolutely whatsoever.
Being here in this lovely office at Sparklin, where you can listen to Music of your choice, surrounded by passionate, self driven, creative folks and admiring the historical debilitated tomb the moment you turn your head, Design does get a bit easier.  Dance has always been in my DNA. But Design???
Okay, let’s just find out.

The basics

I feel Design and Dance have a long rooted connection in their basics and aspects. The purpose of design is to visually communicate the intended message and so is Dance, which is a visual art form too. Both are Art forms indeed. They both carry a purpose; both bear visual elements and yes, offer joy.
In terms of elements, they overlap quite a bit. Just like a choreographer, a designer needs to carry a vision with him as to what s/he wants to convey, what elements (lines, point, color and texture) would accentuate the message further and initiate the cognitive process of the audience. Design and Dance, both must have that hook that catches people, keeps them tied, enthrall them and pass on the intended message. They both cannot be direct; both have to be abstract and succinct at a level, not boring the audience. Both have to be attended to with minute details, yet be of easy understanding to the audience.

The feedback

Just like a dancer who is quite worried about his feedback that he gets from his/her audience, a designer has the same worries too. Design has to perform well, get its functionality right.
If it is unable to convey the intended message, bores the audience and wears unmatched, dirty costumes, the results are quite evident.
Designers have to think like Dancers and Dancers have to think like Designers. Connect, visualize, imagine and execute the ideas.
Do you also find any similarities between Dance & Design??

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