Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Connecting FB statuses posted by my friends. Just a try :)

These statuses were posted by my dear friends, Abha Chaudhary, Mohul Kaila, Guddu Jumani, Bhami Bisht, Arunita Sen, Siddharth Sharma (sir), Pawan Raikwar, Monis Manzoor, Naina Ruhail. Thank you people!

Sipping and reading coffee, not literally but skimming through CCD’s marketing plans. They plan to overhaul design and ambiance. I see an opportunity there. 

Anyways, couple of days back after enriching myself with some profound words and wisdom through FB statuses put up by my dear friends, i plan to take a plunge and posted “I could make a bible out of FB statuses” which was followed by a comment “Do it then lazy boy”.

Monday morning is usually not that great for most of the formal en-robed beings. Inspired by statuses gave me this idea of actually writing a piece on everyday FB statuses posted by my dear friends.

Just thought of connecting scattered FB status dots with my life, it’s just a try folks.
Preparing myself for “Sun-day out”, missing you papa. I never left his hand while walking those narrow, dust laden streets, vendors shouting out loud with their just harvested (claimed) fresh, sprinkled vegetables. Ahh!! Makes your Sunday worth a walk to nearby market.

What’s so frightening after a Sun-day? A Monday, “first day” post my lazing around in bed. Arrghh!. Yeah, even as a school student, there existed an animosity between me and my class teacher. “I think i am allergic to Monday”.

School wasn’t that interesting that day. Consider it as a “Silence before Blast”. That evening, I hopped out of my school bus, had a good look around and zipped across the road. Entered my palace and mom was left agape. I crossed the road when I was 4. Received a good amount of “prasad” from my mom but then my rationale behind was strong enough; “Rules are for fools, use your head".

Next blast? a party-balloon. Phew!

I grew up, pale and not so chubby. Eating and biting my nails near people dancing around. Life does make you better and after confronted the most influencing event of my life, I did become somewhat better. I had lost my friend. “Memories rewind” of the “blast”.
'Break-Ups' can lead to 'Breakthroughs', if you do not 'Breakdown'. His support and belief in me was one such reason that I could make it on stage. He was undoubtedly “The God's Blessing's official Distributors!”

A “Pit stop”, life paused, shook me and made me believe that he went for good. Since that day, wanted to talk to him, meet him in person. Took a few days for sure but I did. I dreamt of him. Went on stage, killed it. Today I am on Cloud 9, feeling blissful after days of low point.
“You will never be as young and alive as you are at this very moment”. Just when god saw me too happy, he gave me a girl. “Love yourself first. You can love others later” and that day after, I did not get time to love myself.

Evening strolls, mall walks, window shopping, holding bags (not of my choice). Saw couples holding hands, sharing same strawberry shake (guys like that?) and smiling at each other.  “Yeh shehar nai mehfil hai, bas ishq mohabbat pyaar”. (This city is full of romantic set-ups, love is what prevails here) Delhi has always been a love-city. I love Mumbai.

Out of connectivity does feel good. Back with a Bang!! And I will not wish you #‎FriendshipDay crap. Cheers!”
“If your life isn't interesting, you are not living it right”.