Friday, 17 October 2014

TV with Digital: Its complicated. E-commerce 'likes' it.

Picture this:

Our Ekta Kapoor led soap serial is on. Ladies are hurt, sad; weeping, tears strolling down & all sorts of emotions.

In the midst of all this melodramatic sequence, she bounces on the couch and appalls her loved ones. She just saw new pair of earrings. 

If its about buying, ladies do not miss a glance over any fancy neckpiece or embroided saree specially the one their favorite character is donning.

Probably that’s the reason why most of the brands have svelte females as their brand ambassadors (also because females are the "Supreme" court in the house).

With no digression, lets come to the point. 

The context is ready, consumer is engaged, platform is right and sitting tight. 

Imagine a brand like Jabong, Myntra, in collaboration with these jewelry brands flash an offer, right after the end of the show, they provide them with a link and bang goes one sale.

Products like furniture, apparels, footwear and home & kitchen brands have big opportunity to mint some quick money while gratifying the customer with latest love-struck product which their favorite character is donning (Do not miss the context of this situation).

We think word-of-mouth is the best advertising??

We won’t fall short of that too.

Ladies with their chat sessions which ideally happen, in-person, calls, whatsapp will have the best of “OMG” sessions with some screeches.
Let alone ladies, advertisers would love that too!

Your views on this marriage? 
Pls share :)

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