Saturday, 11 October 2014

7 things even a dummy knows about MODI.

Modi's campaigns have had significant affect on each citizen's minds.

This is what I captured after talking to people and observing train and bus journey conversations:

1. Modi is a Gujarati: Gujaratis are good at business hence he will be conducive for business         

2. Modi is social media friendly: hence he appeals to generation Y; our generation.

3. Modi is out of the box thinker: he came with such different campaigns which we hadn't heard of.     He's different.

4. Modi was a chaiwallah: so motivating, a chaiwallah becoming a prime minister of largest         
    democracy of the world.

5. Modi is making news: he met leaders like Obama. Wow!
    And he's got tough stand against Pakistan.
    I'm proud of India now.

6. Modi is pro-business

7. Modi wears expensive suits (his dressing sense is god-gifted)

It's all about Modi-fications.

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