Saturday, 19 July 2014

Slip that emotion....Make stories!

World is full of emotions, we have heard this a lot of times. Talk about emotions and you have a visual in your head.
Gf or wife
Dear friend

That’s the only thing in the entire world which hooks you to something or someone.

It either makes us sit and watch Leonardo romance his girl or a fighter like Malala opine at the center stage of the world (that was something).

Emotions never exist in isolation, they exist in context, a situation, or a circumstance. 
Sitting in a conference with suited up corporates will feel different than what you will feel when you're sitting with the same bunch of people in a canteen (context).

One FEELS different. 

Lets get out today and try slipping in a smile or that trust-me shake of a head while talking to your designated senior or junior or even a peon.

We do see a difference.
Better connection, empathetic and we might actually make the person listen to more than what we had anticipated.

Its difficult to dive in that kind of territory where you could actually switch on and off your EQ.

Picture this: One moment you're going through a rough patch with your team and other second the client complains of shabby work (I love clients, though)

Communication with emotions makes engaging stories.

No wonder why all brands want stories around their brand. In fact brand in itself is a story, which over the period of time become legacies

Next time around do try and slip in that emotion and make engaging stories with your peers :)

Cheers! :)

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